License Information

We constantly refine our products and fix bugs. CustomerSubscribe plugin:

You can freely download the demo version of the NopCommerce product from the product description page. If you use demo version, you have to pay attention to the individual limitations of the demo version. Using Customer Subscribe plugin demo version one registered customer can create 3 subscriptions. During subscription process an appropriate message about the demo version will be displayed to the user.If you buy our plugin these limitations will be removed.

CustomerSubscribe product is available for single or multiple domain. Using Multiple domain license allows you to install the product on an unlimited number of websites/domains which have to be listed at the time of purchase. Using Single domain license, you can install the product only on one website (listed at the time of purchase). If you have bought Multiple domain license the expiration date is the same for all domains.

All licence versions (single or multi domain) can be purchased for one year validity period or unlimited period. All licence types allow owners to update to new versions during the validity period. You can use the product after the expiration date but product is going to have limitations as in the demo version. You do have to be registered on our site if you want to make a purchase. The product can not be purchased without registering.