Terms And Conditions

Before you make a purchase, please read the Terms and Conditions.

Your purchase or use of our software confirms that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions:

Unauthorized use: You are prohibited from redistributing or reselling our products. Licensing: Details about the licensing you can find at ....(ubaciti link do strancie)

Refund is possible only in the following cases: Our software is not functional and creates an error on your site & we can not give any support to you: although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur. All licence owners are eligible for support during working days. We guarantee a response within next 2 working days after the support ticket submission. Valid support tickets must contain specific link to a non-functional deployment of our product. If we cannot correct the issue that is properly submitted valid licence owner is eligible for a complete refund.

Installations: Instalation guide is to be found on the details page of each of our products. Product upgrades: All critical bug fixes updates are free of charge for all valid licence owners.

Product support: We provide a free technical support for purchased software. Support is provided through our support e-mail info@code3profit.com . We do not commit to supporting demo versions of products but we will try to provide support if our technical team can arrange the time. Support 3 month for free (no customizations includes). Customization support - price is calculated according to the work (fixed/hourly).

Product download: You can download your product at "My account -> Downloadable products". Once the payment is commpleted you will get the actiovation token. You have to enter that token in the configuration page of our plugin and full version of the plugin will be ready for use.

Price changes: Code3profit reserves the right to change our individual product prices at any time without prior notice. Valid prices are shown on the site.